Testimonials — Hear directly from people who have changed their lives with Morph-It by Amaker.

What is so wonderful about working with him is that he is flexible and determined to have you succeed in whatever fitness goal it is that you want to acheive! He also has the ability to push you in ways you never thought without being overbearing! If you have a goal, Amaker will not stop striving to help you be your best until it is done!! The work he has done and continues with his body and also shows that he striving to get better in his fitness journey as well! He is also a Juilliard trained dancer and brings a unique set of skills to the table when it comes to balancing strength and flexibility! You won’t be disappointed!
— Anastasia P.
I have had an AMAZING time working with Amaker and began seeing results very quickly!! as personal trainer and as a nutritionist, he is extremely knowledgeable! He is passionate about fitness... his own and for his clients and is a walking advertisement for results as he was not naturally muscular!! he is stern and direct but balances that with a warm, humorously bright, and open spirit which motivates you to want to achieve :)!! I highly recommend him! when you’re having a good time... it feels less like work... and when someone knows what they are doing and you see results it makes you want to keep going!! try him out... but dont take my time slot lol hehehe ;)
— Nigel C.
Amaker brings a unique enjoyment to his sessions that leaves me feeling better than when I came in.
— Jake G.
Since I’ve worked with Amaker I’ve had incredible results! For one thing, his background in dance really lends itself to the importance he stresses on correct form. He doesn’t let you get away with anything and really pushes you to the next level. Also, he knows how to keep it fresh. He’s constantly seeking new techniques which is always fun! Always very patient and genuinely encouraging. I HIGHLY recommend him!
— Sean M.
If you are looking for an overnight, fairy dust, wishing on a star result on your body, your not going to get it here! Amaker pushes you, motivates you, makes you feel better and stronger everyday. Before, I use to go to the gym and just lift weights, had no idea what I wanted, no drive. After my first session with Amaker I felt my arms were going to fall off. He never allowed me to give up. He was patient but persistent because we spoke about my goals and he wanted that to motivate me to win, not the weights. I think of that every time I work out now! Thank you Amaker!
— Jamal C.
Rarely do I give anything or anyone 5 stars but Morph-It by Amaker deserve it.

Amaker gets 5 stars because he is patient, dedicated to helping you reach your goals, thinks outside the box in terms of variety in a workout, he motivates and to top it all off he is extremely knowledgeable about the body and nutrition.

I would recommend Amaker to people of all levels because Amaker is great at tailoring a program specific to the individual.

When he wants something, Amaker goes after it – and that attitude is contagious. It’s so great and refreshing to be around this kind of supportive energy.
— Maechi A.
Amaker Smith is a wonderful trainer. He listens to your goals and helps you reach them in a way that is achievable, challenging, and stimulating. You won’t only see outer results but inner results as well. I was getting frustrated with myself because I wasn’t seeing results on the scale right away. Amaker suggested measuring my body instead, and every 2 weeks an inch or so would be gone!!! What I like most about Amaker is that he pushes you towards your goals in a positive and encouraging way. Amaker is my first personal trainer and I’m glad I went with him!
— Danielle B.